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My second novel, Pandir Decloaked, is up on Amazon as either a trade paperback or a Kindle ebook.

What’s it About?

I’ll quote you the back cover copy:

Can an old Renegade learn new tricks?

The passage between our universe and Heldrick’s has closed for good, with Heldrick on his own side initiating a century-long plan to break the Citadel’s domination over the surrounding country. But executing such a plan takes patience ... more, perhaps, than Heldrick possesses—especially when it comes to damsels in distress.

He and Grayvle take the first steps outside the plan by illegally providing families with plaques to protect their daughters from abduction by the Citadel. Then he and Grayvle rescue a young woman named Estrienn, who is caught traveling after curfew. But when a neighbor girl is taken, and Heldrick agrees to let Estrienn go into the Citadel after her, they trigger an event that could change everything.

And Estrienn, it seems, has secrets of her own....


And from inside the book:

Grayvle’s horse didn’t move quite as he’d intended, nearly putting him in range of another of Thuvwald’s thrusts. If the man weren’t so clumsy, Grayvle might have been in serious trouble.

It happened again. What was his horse doing? He glanced down, thinking that first thrust of Thuvwald’s might have injured his horse as well. Instead he saw that the wound in his leg was worse than he’d realized. Far worse, well beyond his quistril body’s automatic ability to stem blood loss, gaping wide and bleeding profusely, the blood soaking his pant leg and filling his boot.

The horse wasn’t misbehaving; his leg was.

Grayvle felt unexpectedly dizzy.

Want to know more before you buy? You can read the beginning right here.

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